ReapSowRadio #28


On this podcast Reap talks about the latest fallout resulting from the A+ cult of hypocrisy involving Justin Vacula. Carl Finke from Post Rapture Looting and Brian Allen form ApartmentJ.com hang out to discuss the issue and during the last half of the show Flyingfree333   hangs out and talks about Polyamory and, as a separate issue, the failures of A+ as well as his exchange with Matt Dillahunty the day before he was treated like shit and banned from an A+ forum for simply disagreeing…under an alias account….big surprise there.


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17 thoughts on “ReapSowRadio #28

  1. I was promised “radio for thinking people” and I got “fuckfuckfuckkitybitchesfuckityfuckfuckfuckRebeccawatsonfuckassholefuckkityfuck”
    Not an original thought or real analysis, just a childish, self serving, self pitying adolescent whine.

    I stuck it out for five whole minutes. What a waste of time…will not be tuning in again…

    1. good thanks for spending a whole 5 min listening. Who ever ‘promised’ you anything ? Having a relationship with you must be challenging to say the least.

  2. My mistake; your sting actually says ‘intelligent radio for intelligent people.” Which is followed by at least five minutes of mindlessly repetitive cursing. Why would any intelligent person bother with this?

    1. Ha ha yes I am so pissed. You don’t know me obviously. If I’m too much for you then that really is your problem. Even better- you start doing a podcast of your own and THEN you can talk shit. Let me know when you get that going and I will be happy to promote it. Talk soon

  3. If you have to say it’s not about you hating women…

    Intelligent radio for intelligent people?

    “You don’t know me, You don’t know me!!”

    Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!

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  5. I’m glad to see someone else out there has the same thoughts about the A+ Nonsense and the tempest in a teapot that was Elavatorgate and isn’t afraid to say so in public. A real breath of fresh air and some solid insights into the causes of all of this nonsense. I’ll be listening regularly from now on.

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