ReapSowRadio #95


This week Terry demonstrates his (until now) secret talent at writing reviews for books on Amazon. Can you get PTSD from using the internet? How  a “Man-made” vagina has helped women who were born missing that organ. Reap has a new psychic stalker and you’ll learn about another guy named Dr Mark  Stengler who is claiming biblical scripture tells us how to cure cancer and treat diseases like alzheimers . The police are starting to use sound (LRAD) to control traffic and the public so we learn exactly how loud sounds can do everything from popping balloons to heating up the air or popping your internal organs.

ReapSowRadio #94


Reap, Terry, Brian and Carl discuss the following topics -

  • Can Brian change the world?
  • Cookie Monster the Nazi?
  • Aliens on Mars?
  • Facts on texting and driving that will distract you
  • The Navy trying to make fuel from sea  water
  • The hottest peppers
  • Best ways to tell if someone is lying

ReapSowRadio #93


This week Brian,  Reap, and Terry are joined by Carl, Troy and Sara to talk about-

  • Dave Brockie from GWAR dies
  • Fred Phelps dies
  • Does the bible support the big bang?
  • Joel Osteen’s money is still missing

During the 2nd hour we call the Church of Scientology and ask them some questions about, what else?  We got some interesting answers from their representative too so you don’t want to miss it

ReapSowRadio #92


Reap, Terry, and Brian talk about

  • Terry’s local weather
  • Fred Phelps is voted out of his own house
  • Kevin Trudeau goes to jail ..YAY!
  • Man offer $5000 reward for cat
  • High school
  • Preacher offers to pay for church member’s tattoos
  • Church uses guns to lure in members
  • Troy calls in

ReapSowRadio #91


This week Reap,Terry, and Brian talk about -

  • Animals that attack their owners and the ability humans have to change animal behavior
  • Joel Osteen gets ripped off
  • God comes collecting
  • Roadside memorials on public land
  • Do some people need religion to function?
  • Terry’s lifestyle
  • The Navy is funding research into how balls bounce in water

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ReapSowRadio #90


Meteors are in the news a lot lately so we talk about what kind of damage they can and have done.

Al gives us a lesson in politics

Why shouldn’t you eat fast food? After you hear our stories you’ll know why.

Should anyone be spending 20 years in prison for non-violent drug crimes like selling weed? A guy in Missouri is doing just that. Is the war on drugs effective?

Brian advocates drug use and Terry calls Brian out on his use of “allergic”

ReapSow Radio #89


We have a full line-up this week. Al Stefanelli comes back to share some info on his new Apple purchase and tells us what he has been up to besides leaving  the Windows OS behind. Brian has a couple of new things he is attempting,  gardening and drinking beer without gaining weight.  Terry  deals with Mormons and scientifically incorrect safety instructors. Reap gets a geography lesson. We also discuss the ongoing question- Are religious people stupid?

You can listen to the A-News podcast here

ReapSowRadio #88 Conspiracy

Reapsowradio conspiracy

Ernest joins the show this week to tell us about global warming ,  polar bear extinction, carbon taxes, and cannabis as a cure for over 100 diseases. There is some debate on those subjects among the hosts and the guest to say the least.

ReapSowRadio #87


A shortened podcast this week due to Comcast  internet  service failing to live up to it’s potential and also failing to prove it is worth the money Comcast expects it’s customers to pay for the service.


The topics this week include but are not limited to the following-

  • Magnetic bracelets and possible alternative uses for the bracelet
  • Shirley Temple Black RIP
  • Brian and his resemblance to crows
  • Reap and Brian’s communication break down
  • How to write your own suicide note
  • Internet fail
  • Olympics and curling


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ReapSowRadio #86


This week on ReapSowRadio-

  • Atheist conspiracy theorist
  • People who use their own personal definitions for words in order to manipulate a conversation in their favor.
  • Lego gets called out for it’s gender representation
  • Gender roles conversation
  • Happy Birthday Facebook, what’s next ?
  • Career importance and motivation