ReapSowRadio #113


On this podcast-


  • How to greet people in Canadian
  • Reap talks about being evicted
  • Should people quarantine themselves?
  • Brian’s health
  • Atheist gets 2 mill to use as his “higher power”
  • How does it feel to get harassed (as a woman)

Reap was a guest on ApostasyNow you can listen to it here

ReapSowRadio- Chip Coffey gets burned


chip coffey

“Psychic” (not really) Chip Coffey was in San Jose not long ago and Sheldon Helms  took part in a set up to see if Chip really has any unique abilities. He shares that story on the podcast this week.


Find out more about Sheldon here

ReapSowRadio #110



Brian, Reap, and Terry along with some help from Kira talk about –

  • Reap’s ATM card being shredded by US Bank  because they suck
  • Brian’s fleshlight  infomercial
  • America’s version of Canada
  • Kira’s pretend boyfriend
  • Oklahoma and the ten commandments and….

ReapSowRadio #107

This week we talk about –

ReapSowRadio #105



With Terry still out on vacation ( lazy bastard) Reap and Brian are joined by Carl from Post Rapture Looting

Topics included are as follows

  • Skype sucks
  • Brian gets a Fleshlight
  • Pat Robertson says some more stupid shit
  • Chipolte sex
  • Reap’s workplace issues

Thanks to everyone who has helped Reap out so he can get back on track. Feel free to support the podcast by making a $.50 per podcast donation. That’s how it will keep going  cause money makes the world turn round or something like that.


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