ReapSowRadio #107

This week we talk about -

ReapSowRadio #105



With Terry still out on vacation ( lazy bastard) Reap and Brian are joined by Carl from Post Rapture Looting

Topics included are as follows

  • Skype sucks
  • Brian gets a Fleshlight
  • Pat Robertson says some more stupid shit
  • Chipolte sex
  • Reap’s workplace issues

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ReapSowRadio #104



Brian Allen and Reap Paden talk about a jerk Theistic Satanist named Tom Raspotnik.

Tom Raspotnik claims over 17,000 twitter followers

Tom Raspotnik claims over 17,000 twitter followers

Brian buys a _______ and he can’t wait to have sex with it. Terry Sacrey , we miss you.

ReapSowRadio is now taking bids to kick Brian Allen off the podcast and Reap is seriously broke and begging for money or at least donate to the podcast . We are rich in wit  but that’s about it.

ReapSowRadio #103



This week is random week on ReapSowRadio. We cover

  • How to get money filling out online surveys
  • Reap’s new job
  • The Pope vs The Mafia
  • Who can buy alcohol and when/where
  • Implants to control addiction
  •  Fundraiser to help Reap pay rent

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ReapSowRadio #102



This week we talk about the news and is the news ever weird

  • Drunk woman gets ran over by train and doesn’t know it
  • Mayor of town is literally tossing shit around
  • Waitress not allowed to keep $1000 tip because of Waffle House company policy
  • Teacher kidnaps students and demands ride to Jack in the Box
  • Surgeon busted sexting during operations
  • Bullet-proof blankets are available for schools
  • Substitute teacher tapes students mouths shut
  • Woman beats boyfriend for talking in sleep

ReapSowRadio #101



Reap, Terry, Brian, and Carl talk about-

  • How to deal with an angry atheist in a debate
  • Do names of hurricanes effect how many people get killed?
  • Diaper theft
  • Dangerous street names
  • Teacher bad mouths student on his mom’s voice mail by accident
  • Parent beats up bully
  • Kindergarten brawl
  • Reaps new podcast Modern Satanism


ReapSowRadio #100



On our 100th podcast we talk about -

  • Terry interrupts the show (again)
  • Reap’s new podcast “Modern Satanism”
  • The Satanic Temple’s Black Mass at Harvard is protested as “disrespectful”  by Catholics and forced to be performed at second location
  • Jerry Lewis and the secret movie he doesn’t want released
  • Guns not allowed in Chipolte stores
  • Boehner still blocking UI renewal
  • McDonalds newest mascot
  • Bang calls in to explain republicans

Thanks to all our listeners for the support  hopefully we have kept you entertained through the last 100 episodes and will continue to do so in the future.